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Why build a light steel villa than traditional architectural popularity

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
Why build a light steel villa than traditional architectural popularity? What is the light steel villa, why not use the traditional civil engineering? Light steel villa is not only a light, fast, good, province & throughout; The four outstanding performance, but also has recycled and the advantages of small extent of damage to the environment. Light steel villa has high strength, light weight, seismic performance is good, foundation cost province, buildings use area is large, high quality and suitable for industrialization and standardization production, can be dry, green construction, suitable for different climate condition, is not affected by the construction season, and low comprehensive cost, at the same time also can reduce the environmental pollution caused by construction waste and recycled in the whole life cycle, become the villa building material of choice for today's society. Light steel villa with rapid development of science and technology s of choice for modern architecture, construction, nature also can't lag behind, light steel structure is committed to provide the most basic material supply for construction, light steel structure in the application of villa also becomes more and more widely. A floor construction of light steel, light steel villa villa floor by cold bending thin-wall steel frame or composite beams, floor structure of OSB board, support, fittings, etc. Material is used in the directional particieboard, cement fiberboard, and plywood. On these lightweight floor load can withstand 316 ~ 365 kilograms per square meter. Light steel villa floor structure weight was only about a quarter of the domestic traditional concrete floor system by one 6, but the structure of the floor height will be higher than ordinary concrete plate 100 ~ 120 mm. Second, light steel roof system of light steel villa villa roof system is made up of roof truss, OSB panel structure, waterproof, lightweight roofing tile ( Metal or asphalt watts) Composed of. Light steel structure roofing, appearance can have a variety of combination. Also have a variety of materials. In the protection of the waterproof under the premise of this technology, the appearance with many options. Three, light steel villa wall of light steel structure villa wall is mainly composed of wall top beam of frame column, wall and bottom of the wall beam, wall support, wall panel and fittings. Light steel villa will cross wall inside as a general structure of the main wall, wall column for C shape light steel structures, according to the wall thickness of load, usually to 0. 84 ~ 2 mm, wall column spacing generally is 400 ~ 600 mm, light steel villa this wall structure arrangement, can be effective and reliable delivery under vertical load, and the arrangement is convenient. Four, light steel villa building heat preservation and heat insulation technology of light steel villa in order to ensure the heat preservation effect, used in building exterior walls and roofing heat preservation and heat insulation heat preservation and heat insulation material can use for a long time and can be. Light steel villa generally in addition to the wall outside the wall column filled between glass fiber and put a layer of insulation in the wall of the lateral again, effective partition of the thermal bridge, through the wall column to cladding; Fill glass fiber between floor joists, minimize heat transfer through the floor; All interior wall posts are filled between the glass fiber, reduce the heat transfer between the household wall. Five, light steel villa building fire protection technology, one of the most critical problem is the application of firewall technology, light steel villa fireproof rank for level 4. Light steel villa at both sides of the wall and floor of the smallpox of fire prevention plasterboard, for common firewall and the ledger wall with 25. 4 mm thick, 1 inch) Plasterboard protection, in order to achieve an hour fire prevention requirements, in the wall between the wall and floor joists between pillars fill glass fiber for fire prevention and heat transfer also play a positive role in protecting. Six, building sound insulation technology between light steel villa in the external walls and floor joists fill glass wool, effectively prevent the audio part of spreads through the air, and to spread by solid rushing sound, the tectonic process for the ledger wall with two wall columns with a gap between two walls; For the fixed plasterboard condole with small keel, with flexible structure that has a small slot cutting to effectively reduce the solid sound propagation between floors. Above is the us pavilion to bring you the since the construction of light steel villa why than traditional architectural popularity of specific content, I believe you have seen after also have different understanding about light steel villa, hope will be helpful to you.
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