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Why development of container trailer quickly?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12
With the development of construction industry, the container is not only a box, loading and unloading goods or commercial housing, housing. Of container house is one of the can be used as a commercial housing and container. Because the urban land resources, less very developed country in economy, housing is becoming more and more risks. It prompted the rapid development of container house. Why this simple tells of container house developed quickly? 1, transportation is convenient, especially in the appropriate conversion engineering often ShiGongDian enterprise; 2, durable, all made of steel, have strong ability of earthquake resistance level, resistance to deformation; 3, good sealing performance, strict production process to make this kind of prefabricated houses have very good tightness; 4, container trailer low carbon environmental protection, cost saving, quick change multiterminal, relativity can show that occupy the home a lot of selected traditional residence, personal, family, or even can get a neighborhood, a house made of steel box can also be full of fashionable tide, soul is very kind to the environment. 5) mobile based on the specification sheet stainless steel chassis, can become part of a lot of space. Bedroom, dining-room, kitchen, and so on. Specification of the total width in 2. 4 meters, height 2. 2 meters, length of 4 meters to 12 meters. 6, convenient disassembly, superior performance, smooth solid, anti-freeze properties is good, moistureproof fire safety corrosion resistance, light weight. House for the overall structure, with architecture, metope of thick steel plate, can use carpentry board panels, but overall transfer, use up to 20 years or so. 7) mobile according to the solar photovoltaic panels to power consumption in the rooms, the solar water heater heating, power supply, the room of shower, drinking water pollution by wastewater treatment equipment in clean, easy to use again. According to the number of staff, can produce a small container.
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