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Why do the construction industry choose container prefabs?

by:Lida Group     2022-03-02

Now the container prefab house can be said to be in full swing, gradually replacing the color steel prefab house, mainly to greatly save the cost and time of the construction site, simple violence is particularly convenient. So, why do the construction industry choose container prefab now? Let's learn about it with the limited company!

1. Save construction time

Generally speaking, the construction period of engineering construction sites will be relatively long. As a temporary settlement for the construction team, the construction is quick, convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. , The labor-saving container prefab will be the most suitable choice for the construction site management unit.

The container prefab house is convenient for transportation, loading and unloading, and the construction site only needs to choose a suitable occupant container, plus a moderate amount of daily necessities to move in. The container prefab has no restrictions on the stacking site, and it can be placed and constructed only after the ground of the simple site is leveled.

1. Why do the construction industry choose container prefabs?

2. Can be moved anytime, anywhere

For the distance between the project on the construction site and the new project, the staff dormitory is usually transferred to another new project after one project is completed, and the container prefab can be moved as a whole. It can be used immediately without disassembly or re-installation.

The main body of the container house is a steel frame structure, which is firm in structure and can be recycled for many times. Its service life cycle time is also equivalent to a long time. Therefore, the container mobile house can be moved anytime and anywhere according to the progress of the construction site construction period, and the settlement requirements of the construction can also be greatly considered.

Second, why do the construction industry choose container prefabs?

3. Good safety factor

There is no doubt that building construction often has very strict requirements for safe construction and the safety of employees' settlement. Living on the construction site will worry about hanging objects or dirt. An accident occurs when falling.

The main project of the container prefab is welded with high-quality thick steel plate and aluminum profile, which can reasonably ensure that the shell can bear the impact force and be durable.

The wall panels and roof of the container prefab are equipped with sound insulation, noise reduction, heat preservation and heat insulation materials to ensure that the room has good characteristics of sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance in the body, providing employees with excellent and comfortable living nature. surroundings.

4. Why do the construction industry choose container prefabs?

4. Reduce costs

Due to the regulations of the construction speed and construction period of the construction, many workers will participate in the construction, which increases the housing cost.

Choosing a container prefab can not only fully mobilize its advantages of large volume, but a container prefab can be placed with corresponding iron beds according to the requirements of the occupants, which greatly reduces the cost of living and capital investment.

The purchased container prefab can be recycled and used, which shows the characteristics of high cost performance for its economic development.

When the workers move in, the construction site does not need to purchase too many kinds of furniture, only simple bedding can be moved in, which is more cost-effective than building a prefabricated prefab house that cannot be stored or rented after dismantling.

5. Why do the construction industry choose container prefabs?

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Warm tips for container house

When you use our products, in order to avoid unnecessary losses and truly create a safe and comfortable environment for you, please pay attention to the following:

1 . The foundation must be constructed in strict accordance with the dimensions required by the drawings to avoid sinking and deformation.

2. The indoor ground of the container prefab must be 50mm higher than the outdoor ground, so as to prevent the water on the outside ground from flowing into the room through the ground beam.

3. It is strictly forbidden to burn open flames in the container mobile room.

4. The area where the customer is located is a lightning area, please install lightning protection facilities.

5. Strong electricity, weak points must be installed with conduit protection.

6. The surfaces of polystyrene and glass wool tiles are all stoving varnishes, and it is forbidden to paint on them and give violent impact to the movable panels.

7. The prefabricated structure, components and facilities of the container house cannot be disassembled or changed at will to avoid structural risks. Please contact us for changes.

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