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Why don't you afraid of cold winter in the container trailer in the winter

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
in the winter why don't you afraid of cold winter

house for us, is a home, can be used to such enjoy cool air, heat preservation, the winter cold air is frequent in our country, and our traditional houses they have not fill the needs of the heat preservation, people who do not have central heating furnace are generated from the cold, through the long winter, and now the container trailer is solved this problem, make no longer cold in winter.

such as a stove in the house, there will be many problems, winter coal cost aside, there are security risks, because burner use undeserved, every year a lot of carbon monoxide poisoning cases. Other special fire trouble often and meet cloudy, the whole village is often shrouded in a cloud of smoke.

all this problem, it's because the house is not our conventional insulation, we need additional heating. Now some areas to try in exterior wall insulation, so while it is possible to solve the problem of part of the heat preservation, but still not perfect, this modified house or as a lack of security, and the structure of the traditional brick house does not have the seismic performance.

that have both thermal insulation, seismic house again? Sure, here it is in the developed countries has been widely used for many years the light steel housing. Before integration building superior performance, but because cost is too high, many consumers cannot afford, that have not been widespread popularization, things have changed today, however, with the development of manufacturing industry in our country and the network popularization, the light steel housing prices have with traditional brick house prices are about the same, can be accepted by the general public.

container housing has very good heat preservation performance, because his design is safe and livable oriented, itself contains thermal insulation layer and insulating layer, prevent heat bridge phenomenon, the room is very warm in winter, summer is very cool, really warm in winter and cool in summer. In most of the region can basically do not a stove in winter, summer without air conditioning.

this kind of container trailer home the should do best is the 】 The brand. The mounting type of container house is an improvement of prefabricated houses, roof, four walls and floor can be respectively as parts removed, when need to assemble it. This kind of container trailer is better than prefabricated houses, freight will be cheaper than fixed type, installation faster than prefabricated houses, but there is no welding of the fixed type fast, firmly between welding type fixed container trailer and prefabricated housing, domestic as jiangsu has a production of this kind of container house factory, forget the name.

container prefabricated houses also have very good shock resistance, because he is chosen as the load-bearing structure of the building, light steel keel steel structure housing has good toughness and ductility, can resist 8 magnitude earthquake, very safe, very practical.

in addition container housing construction speed is very quick, a 200 ㎡ building for a few weeks can be completed, because in addition to the foundation, integrated building materials are needed for the transportation to the scene after the factory like to assemble cars assembled, this not only reduces the construction difficulty, quality is also very good control of the house.

at present there have been several domestic enterprises producing light steel housing, if it is old house renovation, or new cover, we suggest aseismic, heat preservation of light steel housing. In addition, he also is very beautiful, Chinese, European, American, all kinds of style can choose.

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