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Why is more and more diversified the applicability of the container house

by:Lida Group     2020-07-11
The applicability of the container house why more and more diversified

container house at the end of the life, can also recycle repeat, do a real sense of energy-saving, environmental protection, no pollution. These are now will not be able to compare traditional houses.

traditional brick structure of the house is not environmental protection, serious damage to the ecological environment reduced the arable land, the container house is a kind of can quickly assemble a set of house building mode, and easy to demolition,

convenience store, and can be reused many times has a long nature of the temporary houses, container houses indoor usable area is much bigger than traditional houses, because the general traditional houses of wall thickness is thicker than the container houses, then there is the container houses used by most of building materials can be recycled, and the cost is low.

container house applications widely reflected in the variety of applications, the following introduce in our factory for you.

1。 Housing is suitable for the post-disaster emergency housing, fast speed and flexibility, the characteristics of victims at a low price to build faster, higher living quality emergency residence.

2。 Applicable to all kinds of housing, living is container house use more functions, divided into three types, such as for a temporary residence, villa and multi-storey residential building is used.

3。 Container houses can also be used in public facilities, integral structure, convenient transportation, neat and easy modelling makes it is used by many cities used as urban public service facilities, at the same time in our country, the container also often be transformed into the supermarket, kiosks, dispatching station, etc. This kind of public service facilities.

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