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Why now light steel structure residence has become more and more get the recognition

by:Lida Group     2020-07-18
Why now light steel structure residence has become more and more get the recognition?

what is the light steel structure housing? How to build? It generally refers to as bearing skeleton with cold-formed thin-wall steel structure, enclosure, space structure and roofing materials are made of light body material composition of residential construction, its components and parts are processed in the factory, the assembly or in advance in the factory for assembly on site. From this problem can also be seen in light steel structure residence is different with the traditional housing housing of

thanks to the steel structure residential building industry characteristics of each produce fatal attraction, to share the advantages of steel structure residence.

1。 Lower house light weight, the foundation bearing capacity requirement, basic cost greatly reduced.

2。 Short construction period, can accelerate the process of housing construction, speed up the capital recovery, reduce risk, improve the efficiency of capital investment.

3。 High degree of environmental protection, civilized construction site, construction environment pollution is small, also can avoid the problems often occurred in buildings in recent years pollution ( Mainly refers to the winter construction use antifreeze pollution) , construction steel structure part can recover 100%, most of the other support materials can be recycled, conforms to the social value for the sustainable development of the green building trend;

4。 Good seismic performance, can withstand more than 8 degree earthquake, more suitable for coastal and earthquake zone construction;

5。 Wall thickness pipe can be buried in the wall and floor structure. Building the actual usable floor area has greatly increased, compared with the traditional masonry structure can be increased by more than 15%. If the same construction area of masonry structure and light steel structure is used in the comparison, it is not hard to find the actual usable floor area of light steel structure residence is homemade. The price is almost the same with the brick structure.

6。 Use light steel construction components should standardize production factory, quality is stable, is advantageous to the housing industrialization;

7。 Site construction, all parts are connected with high strength galvanized screws, not influenced by season;

8。 Light steel structure system and enclosure structure is adopted for housing material, make the light steel residential acoustic insulation performance than the traditional structure of residential doubled.

9。 Simple construction, lower labor costs, convenient component replacement and maintenance.

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