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Why now packaging boxes, mobile rare? - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
At present, we can see in many public areas of packaging box, but seldom see the trailer. Many people think that would be packaged box are inexpensive and practical reason is what? Packaging box is the composition of several unit module, can be quickly installed, mobile and transportation is quite convenient, and demolition and storage is also simple, the most important is environmental protection. That is why now packaging boxes, mobile rare cause. What is the distinguishing feature of packaging box? A: import the modern design packaging box design style, according to the product type and customer satisfaction, provide customized services. Packing box can reduce strewn at random sum up and down, left and right sides extend, random assembly, make a large capacity, personal house. Adjustable base type of house, can also be integrated into different ground rules. 2: characteristics of packaging box seismic grade 8, impact resistant grade 11, lasts 20 years or so, and low carbon environmental protection, renewable applications. 3: packing box need basis is more simple, can do a bar can do type pier foundation, and can not do, directly on the ground, the room ground don't have to do to solve. Four: convenient installation package type box room, short construction cycle time, four workers along while single box can be installed; Can also be whole container haulage, to access to water and electricity engineering can be used after on the spot. Five: transport packaging box can be according to the flat narrow or full container transportation, transportation way to preserve a variety, reasonable save transportation cost in long distance. 6: main use packaging box can be used in the base, commercial, military, tourism development, etc. , in the office, the exhibition hall, sales department, home inn, shopping mall, apartment buildings, such as presents, promoted settled in application of intimacy, considering the demand of food and clothing live line and entertainment. Seven: energy conservation and environmental protection cause no construction waste packaging box construction site. After the resettlement of the project, also not easy to leave construction waste, it is not easy to destroy home environment. Packaging box can be applied cycle, convert ground zero wear, alleviate the pressure of the environment.
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