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Why prefabricated houses have to be called integrated housing? - Prefabricated housing prices, housing, integrated housing

by:Lida Group     2020-10-28
We all know that prefabricated houses and traditional houses, abandoned the traditional cement reinforced, adopting new type of modern technology, with light steel skeleton, sandwich board as the enclosure material, according to the standard of space combination module series, in theory, is a product of modern high-tech technology, to realize all the living conditions of commercial product. Prefabricated houses with fast, convenient, high efficiency, energy saving building concept. Is a set of development, form a complete set of integrated production, supply, inventory and can be used repeatedly turnover of finalize the design product areas. Why is it called integrated building prefabricated houses? For prefabricated house is formed by various system construction, system structure, ground system, main floor systems, walls and roofing system composition, and every system is composed of several modular units, unit modules are unified in the factory, building completed by unit module assembly at the scene. Integrated housing can tear open outfit, mobile, without causing damage to the land and the scene of the integrated housing period is less than half of the traditional architecture, fine workmanship, quality, realize the integration of production and manufacturing. Login our official website for more details: http://www. /中/
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