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Why should the scenic spot choose light steel structure houses

by:Lida Group     2022-01-28

The use of light steel structure system can reduce the damage to the original ecological environment. In recent years, with the rapid development of tourism, many unique natural landforms and original ecological areas have been incorporated into tourism development projects. The development and construction of these tourism projects have increased economic income, but it is undeniable that traditional building systems often bring huge or even fatal damage to the original ecological natural landforms. How to resolve the contradiction between development and destruction? If the light steel structure system is used for construction, the damage to the original ecological environment can be minimized. Whether it is during construction or use, the environment can be well protected, because steel structure projects are mass-produced, and the steel structure used is also a representative of green building materials. Easy and fast disassembly and installation, dry operation, zero emission, no pollution to the surrounding environment. The image of a tourist attraction not only represents a tourist attraction, but also a city or even a country. Image is productivity, whoever shows the new brand wins the market. The rich and diverse architectural styles are an important factor in the image of the scenic spot. The rich and diverse appearance of light steel buildings provides a variety of choices for the theme style of the scenic spot. The rapid construction of the light steel structure shortens the construction period of the scenic spot and reduces the capital occupation time. After factory production, assembled installation, dry construction and installation, you can move in. Compared with traditional buildings, the construction period is greatly shortened, the investment capital occupation period is shortened, and the investment efficiency is improved. Light steel structure has strong seismic performance, which can greatly reduce the damage to personnel and minimize losses when disaster strikes. The roof of the light steel integrated house adopts the cold-formed steel triangular truss structure, and the main wall adopts the cold-formed steel bearing shear wall structure. Wall section steel has a certain ductility when subjected to force. Therefore, compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure, the structure has stronger seismic capacity and horizontal load capacity, and is suitable for areas with a seismic strength of 9 degrees. When a strong earthquake occurs, it will only deform, not collapse or break, causing little damage to personnel, which is conducive to escape, reduces the work intensity of rescuers, and improves rescue efficiency. Light steel structure houses have many advantages, whether they are scenic buildings, public buildings or rural houses, they will gradually become the first choice for future buildings.

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