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Why should we choose integrated housing, what are the advantages in environmental protection?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
Why should we choose integrated housing, what are the advantages in environmental protection?

now, after 90 have left campus, step into the society! Through our survey found that most people plan are struggling years then buy an apartment and a car and a family!

but now the employment pressure is very big, buy a house is to let a person very headache thing. Although the government has repeatedly adjust prices, but high house prices still exists in most areas.

we integrated housing become the most preferred products. Integrated housing price inferiority is high, is the first choice for our products.

traditional building needs a lot of use of clay brick structure destroy the ecological environment, and integrated housing reduced the arable land, integrated home building materials used in most of the recyclable, degradation of low cost. Its superior performance and its low cost, believe will be accepted by people in a very short period of time.

integrated housing is full use of solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, form a truly self-sufficient green houses and its classification are roughly:

1, caigang trailer: site use of prefabricated housing is also a kind of integrated housing, USES the C steel, h-beam welding skeleton, wall panel and roof panel using insulation caigang sandwich panels, of simple houses that have been assembled.

2, light steel structure building, light steel house has very good heat preservation performance, because his design is safe and livable oriented, itself contains thermal insulation layer and insulating layer, prevent heat bridge phenomenon, the room is very warm in winter, summer is very cool, really warm in winter and cool in summer.

3, hut: wood is bearing component made of wood or logs for single layer or multi-layer wood structure. Wooden house warm in winter and cool in summer, tide moisture resistance, strong sex not only, also contains rich culture breath, simple and elegant.

that is a big change, building 2018 container house is we choose environmental protection, health of the preferred products.

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