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Why the light steel villa in the countryside to see very much?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-10
Found that many people in the city, I came home, things are changing. Most people in the building are light steel villa, house and haven't seen the traditional cement. Why the light steel villa in the countryside to see very much? One: the overall space utilization high 1 light steel structure is light steel, its light weight, this to a certain level can confirm its material slants thin, so there will be some benefits. 2 when building metope, thin wall, relativity can use will be a lot of space, so the light steel villa has some advantages, is the overall space utilization rate is higher, it is understood that the space utilization rate reached 90%. 1 2: shock resistance, seismic grade superior performance is a steel structure house, light steel villa during the construction, application of plate frame structure, are able to carry out diversification will gather in house part of the load, cause skin effect. 2, in other words have strong seismic grade, was able to, should be light steel villa can do a magnitude 9 earthquake level, level 13 impact resistant ability, settled in safety is guaranteed. Three: building structure will not limited by geographical position 1 in general most homeowners love on flat ground, and the layers of high intensity region to carry out the building, but FangJiDe now, regional location limit, there will be a part of the weaker FangJiDe, but the owner had to build a house, so the structure of the traditional houses in this kind of foundation construction must be carried out on the basis of certain structure reinforcement work, in case of affect living security. 2 light steel villa location of the housing construction will not be qualified, need not to carry out the unique solution, so that can save construction cost to a certain level. Four: light steel villa has ornamental value 1 plastic arts in traditional housing and light steel structure villa appearance and material construction, the diversity of people so light steel villa, which have a certain ornamental value, plastic arts can consider human requirements of permanent residence. 2 and when internal design, unlike traditional structure houses to be relatively limited, light steel villa internal spirit to their design. Five: build multiple deadlines 1 light steel villa building like building blocks in the toy, carry out parts, and building materials, light weight, most of them are prefabricated, convenient transport, build time, than the traditional structure of the building to save many building during construction period. 2 so you can also make habitant to save part of the construction cost, and light steel villa life longer, generally can do 50 years, if the maintenance of good, the life can be almost 100 years. Six: can be repeated to carry out the recycling 1 light steel villa in the construction process, unlike traditional structure house must work to carry out the wet, the application of environmental protection decorative materials, most of them are able to recycling of resources, so the light steel villa also insulating have stays. 2 the application materials to the light steel villa recycling, reported that its main raw material to develop recycling 100%, other 80% raw materials can be recycled.
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