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Why use container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
Why use container house

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container is now more and more attention by people, not only is the great invention of transportation industry brought great influence to the transportation, and now the container is transformed into a container, be out of the workers' life to live. Because of its fluidity big, convenient, price cheap, be out of the workers' first choice. And the container is also a important way of temporary residence after a disaster, for it is a more appropriate after a disaster of a choice. Reasons are as follows: a, container ready unit module for temporary construction provides the most simple, reliable, and can be mass production of solid construction basic structure unit. Second, container to reuse for as long as possible. Completed in urban renewal, temporary residents to return to their homes, the architecture of a container can still back to terminal is used as the freight, that is fundamentally situation there is no waste of resources, not to consider the temporary buildings abandoned after the waste materials recycling of the cost of the destruction of the link. Therefore, the way to remove the container installation and transportation costs, the main structure of temporary building cost is almost zero. Three, the size of container is unified. Due to transport in accordance with internationally accepted industry standard production, the four corners are lifting parts, so all construction hoisting equipment provided by the international community can be in the process used in the construction of the temporary buildings after a disaster, without having to formulate corresponding rules and technical equipment support again, save construction link of research and development process. Four, relative tents or other organic materials and temporary buildings, container easier to keep clean, clean and disinfect Can directly using the high pressure hose the surface) For post-disaster temporary resettlement area may be the outbreak of the plague or popular infectious diseases may be down to the lower level.
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