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Winter is approaching, how to construct steel structure engineering?

by:Lida Group     2022-11-22

Steel structure engineering is the main structure made of stainless steel plates. It is mainly composed of prefabricated components such as steel columns, steel beams, and steel trusses made of channel steel and thick steel plates. Welding and anchor bolts are generally used in the middle of each prefabricated component or component. Or rivet connection, steel structure engineering is the first of the key building structure types. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is used in large industrial plants, highway bridges, exhibition halls, high-rise residences and other industries. The Mid-Autumn Festival has passed and winter is approaching. How to construct the steel structure project?

Double-layer electric welding should be used for electric welding of thick steel plates above 9mm at negative temperature. The welding should be surfacing layer by layer from bottom to top. It is forbidden to strike the arc on the welding base metal. When the steel structure is installed on site, if it is snowing or the wind force is around 6m/s, a safety shed should be erected.

Completely eliminate re-welding for unqualified welding, and terminate welding according to the standard of steel structure welding method at negative temperature. When the working temperature is lower than 0°C, carry out the brushing process test in the brushing anti-corrosion material line. When brushing, it is necessary to clean up the rust, oil stains, burrs, etc. on the surface of the prefabricated component, and keep the surface dry. The brushing work cannot be stopped when it is snowing or there is thin ice on the prefabricated components.

Anti-slip countermeasures are adopted when transporting and stacking steel structures in winter, and the prefabricated component stacking site is flat and firm without water puddles, and the ground is free from freezing. When stacking prefabricated components of the same model and specification, the prefabricated components should be kept horizontal, and the pads should be placed on the same vertical line to prevent the prefabricated components from slipping. Before the installation of the steel structure, according to the requirements under the negative temperature standard, the quality is re-inspected, and the prefabricated components that are missed during production and deformed during transportation and accumulation are repaired and corrected mid-air.

When using rigid ropes to lift steel prefabricated components, anti-slip spacers are required, and the connection point plates hoisted together with the prefabricated components, and the fixtures used by equipment personnel are bound firmly with ropes. According to the average temperature standard, the equipment order data chart of steel prefabricated components is prepared, and the equipment is stopped in strict accordance with the standard order during construction. When formulating welding methods for steel structure equipment, electric welding cannot be performed on both sides of a prefabricated component at the same time.

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