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Winter use Beijing container trailer what are the advantages

by:Lida Group     2020-07-09
Winter use container trailer what are the advantages of

winter use container trailer what are the advantages of

this kind of house and home we live in is different, it can be convenient for dismantling and combination, but also has the very good environmental protection function, and it as a temporary building was deeply loved by the masses. Is now able to its bulk production, at the same time, also can undertake integrated production. Below is used by small make up and you simple say winter what are the main advantages of container house.

as a temporary housing, container trailer in the industry develop very fast, especially is widely used in temporary construction site, container trailer is a kind of light steel as building frame, plywood of economical activities as the enclosure material container trailer.

winter use container house 1, factory prefabrication, site construction waste, to reach the destination can be installed directly use; 2, energy conservation, environmental protection, housing high utilization rate of material recycling; 3, strong and durable, seismic and wind resistance, waterproof, fireproof, heat preservation performance is good; 4, short construction period, quick and convenient; 5, transportation is convenient, and the mobility of container with the same; 6, long service life, normal use can reach more than 20 years; 7, mobility is strong, the foundation requirements is low, can move at any time according to need; Eight, can be used alone, also can use combination, customized according to customer demand, diversified forms;

9, high economic benefit.

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