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Winter will come, how do steel structure engineering construction?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22
Steel structure engineering is made of stainless steel plate making dominant structure, mainly by the channel steel and thick steel plate made of steel column, steel beam, steel truss, such as prefabricated constitute, the prefabricated parts or components among generally choose welding, anchor bolt or rivet connection, steel structure engineering is the key of building structure types. With its weight is lighter, and the construction is simple, applied to large industrial buildings, highway Bridges, exhibition halls, high-rise residential and other industries. The Mid-Autumn festival has passed, the winter will come, how do steel structure engineering construction? Under negative temperature for more than 9 mm thick steel plate welding to choose double wire welding, welding welding from the bottom up layer by surfacing welding, finish each welding time, welding, such as welding welding infix, to eliminate casting defects before welding again. Prohibited in welding welding arc on the parent metal. Steel structure equipment on the spot, in case of snow or wind around 6 m/s, set up safety protection. Don't pass welding eliminate heavy welding, according to the steel structure under negative temperature standard end welding welding method. Working temperature is less than 0 ℃, in line to carry out the brush brush anti-corrosion material processing experiment, brush when necessary will rust, oil stain on the surface of the prefabricated, the content such as burrs and settlement is clean, and unremitting dull surface. Snowy or prefabricated with thin ice not terminated when the brush work. Transport and accumulation of steel structure in winter when using slide countermeasures, no puddles of prefabricated pile up grading and air without frozen. Same model specification prefabricated pile, prefabricated should persevere, block on the same vertical line, and prevent the prefabricated skid. Steel structure equipment before a request under the standard according to the negative temperature, for the re-inspection, the termination of its quality targets in the manufacturing and shipping accumulation caused by deformation of prefabricated, mid-air on termination of corrective maintenance. Application first rope lifting prefabricated steel to stop slippery mat, hoisting the connection with prefabricated plate, equipment staff fixture to be used with a rope tied up. According to the average temperature in standard allocation steel prefabricated equipment data graph, engineering construction in strict accordance with the standard of termination equipment capacity. Preparation of steel structure equipment welding method, on both sides of a prefabricated shall not terminate the welding welding at the same time.
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