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You may not have heard of the container

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
For people, many different kinds of containers, there are many types of is less people know. Phosphorus, magnesium, for example, live one container, bamboo weaving containers, and cement container. Of these, may be only the cement container is more people know. This article introduce these small make up just for you you may not have heard of one container. A: phosphorus magnesium live one container it is waterproof, fireproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion's unique teaching effect. Plank can use polystyrene core, such as full development to achieve heat preservation and heat insulation effect. Standard width 5 meters, 12 meters long and weighs more than two tons. Can be designed according to the needs of different user management through constructing different room. Temporary housing is suitable for engineering construction enterprises. 2: bamboo weaving live one container bamboo weaving container is activities for people. The production process is that, first cut the bamboo again, can be compiled according to the requirements of the specifications of the products size. At present, there is a lot of container use bamboo weaving live in sichuan people, the characteristics of this container is easy to carry, light and convenient, service life is long, can achieve more than five years in general. Three: cement live one container this one container can be applied to enterprises of different an office, migrant workers dormitory building construction site. Can also be used for ceiling and layer, all kinds of data warehouse, etc. Cement live container bearing structure system research of steel structure in our country, safe reliable, wall design USES a double wire mesh, lightweight insulation engineering materials and high strength cement prefabricated composite board, heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, top with a mechanism for cement tile, the metope of color metope inside the water wash, generally USES an advanced development of plastic pattern wallpaper decoration, indoor environment with traditional aluminum alloy keel plasterboard condole top, beautiful novel, transportation, equipment installation, convenient, quick, steel window, steel door, glass, lock, complete supporting facilities, transportation, installation, and is responsible for the company.
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