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Container transportation way and the difference between the traditional mode of transportation

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
Container transportation mode and traditional mode of transportation is a big difference, the former is obviously better than the latter in terms of transportation, using container either transportation or loading and unloading efficiency, its efficiency is much higher than the traditional mode of transportation data. Container transportation way and what is the difference between the traditional mode of transportation? A: to improve transport rate of the traditional transportation mode has many unloading phase and high labor efficiency and unloading rate low, boating turnover shortcomings such as slow. The container transport completely changed the situation like this. 2: usually ship unloading cargo ships usually unloading, usually for an hour 35 t, and shipping container unloading, can reach 350 t per hour, unloading rate is greatly increased. At the same time, because of the shipping container unloading modernization degree is high, so every youth league group need a loader number is very few, the average labor productivity of construction workers have further improved. 3: shipping container unloading because container unloading rate is very high, suffer indignities hou, small effects of boating in Hong Kong waiting time greatly shortened, thus a boating trip time shorten, boating turnover speed, sailing rate to further improve, watercrafts that could improve the production rate, thus, improving the capacity of the shipping, on not ascend a boating ship number, can complete the more volume, improve the shipping company income, so high efficiency caused by economic benefits. Must be according to your cloth in the overall national strength, and finally realize the containerization. Four: multimodal transport industry rate of change in order to apply, because the container transport change between different means of transport, there is no need to transport goods and just change contained in the shipping container, this increased rate change do industry, suitable to transport between different means of transport. The pants at the time of shipment, and the customs and the related control section or simply seal check transit release, then improve the delivery rate.
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