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Evaluation Index of Economic Benefit of Light Steel Buildings

by:Lida Group     2022-03-03

At present, the overall cost of the superstructure of domestic light steel buildings is still slightly higher than that of traditional brick and concrete structures, which is one reason that affects the choice of some owners or investors. In fact, it is one-sided to only focus on this point. The cost of the superstructure accounts for a small proportion of the total investment of the project, and the difference in price caused by different architectural forms is even smaller. This single factor should not be the decisive factor for the selection of structural materials. According to the modern point of view, the comprehensive economic benefit evaluation indicators of light steel buildings should at least include the following aspects: total investment cost, investment return period, building applicability, environmental protection factors, humanities and society environmental factors, etc.

The fire protection of light steel building structure is discussed here. Fireproofing of steel structures mainly adopts measures such as fireproof coatings, foamed fireproof paints, and outsourcing fireproof layers (less used). Essentially, it is a measure to avoid major property losses due to damage to the main structure of the building after a fire occurs. In foreign countries, thick-coated non-combustible inorganic coatings are mainly used, and the aging thickness index can reach 4h/50mm. In China, thin-coated fire-retardant paints with a thickness of 3-7mm are preferred, and the fire-resistant aging time is 0.5-1.5h. The current cost of fire protection is too high, but the effect is not very satisfactory. This paper argues that it is necessary to conduct a statistical analysis and comparison of the cost increase in the entire light steel building market due to the implementation of mandatory fire protection standards and the total loss at an average fire rate. If the latter is small, it is not appropriate to make strict requirements for the usual light steel buildings, and appropriate consideration can be given to the selection of materials, such as using non-combustible thermal insulation or decorative products as much as possible, using anti-corrosion coatings with certain flame retardant properties, etc. Owners are required to take strict fire safety management measures. In addition, a certain proportion of the fire prevention cost can be collected from the owner to establish a fire compensation fund, which can reduce the total cost and share the risk, which is more reasonable.

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