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It is very important for prefab house enterprises to change their minds if they want to be based on the international market

by:Lida Group     2022-01-21

I believe that every enterprise hopes that its own enterprise can become bigger and stronger. If a prefabricated house enterprise wants to develop well, it is inseparable from the vast market, and the development in the domestic market is slowing down. At present, the awareness of enterprises 'going abroad' is getting stronger and stronger, and the change of thinking is very important for prefab enterprises to establish a foothold in the world. Enterprises should broaden the export channels of products. At present, Chinese enterprises have the following modes for 'going out'. Some enterprises use domestic export agents. This method is widely used by small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly led by domestic export agents. After overseas orders, purchase from domestic manufacturers. This model has lower expansion costs and more flexible operations, but the total order value is often lower and the order continuity is poor. Another model is that the company builds its own overseas expansion business department. Through this self-service way of actively finding and contacting overseas customers, it can solve the problem that overseas customer resources cannot be accumulated in the previous model. Increase order volume and order value per customer for long-term business revenue. However, the main problems of this model are that the expansion cost is high, the expansion speed is slow, and the expansion scale is limited. After all, the overseas business expansion that relies on the enterprise itself is relatively weak. Finally, companies can also participate in professional exhibitions held overseas. This approach is the most direct and the best way to benefit in the long run, but the cost is also the highest. Enterprises need to enter the hearts of overseas consumers. 'Going out' of Chinese enterprises is not the ultimate goal. If enterprises want to truly establish a foothold in the world, they also need to enter the hearts of overseas consumers, so that enterprises can do so for a long time. First of all, it is natural for Chinese enterprises to have this awareness and establish the confidence of 'going in'. It is necessary to know that enterprises are not simply selling products, but establishing Chinese brands and reversing the international market. Impression, and thus become the builder of the new order and new pattern of the international market. The international business is different from the simple export of some enterprises. The first is to provide perfect after-sales service. Coupled with these value-added services that provide overall space design and other aspects, customers can see the effectiveness of the overall space solution solution, largely avoiding price calculations based on pure product materials, effectively improving our Bargaining power in international markets. In order to establish a foothold in the international market, an enterprise must take a long-term view of development, strictly cultivate internal strength, and lay a solid foundation for entering the international market.

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