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PVC construction site fence

by:Lida Group     2022-06-15

The 21st century is the century in which human beings are moving towards ecological civilization. In recent years, my country has vigorously developed infrastructure and transportation construction. In the face of a large number of construction sites, how to ensure urban ecological civilization and environmental protection during construction, alleviate the increasing urban pollution, and further enhance the image of the city has become a relationship between civilized cities, An important issue in the construction of a civilized society. It is precisely based on these practical needs that it came into being, as one of the leading brands in the fencing industry, it will definitely play a vital role in the construction of urban civilization.

At present, the fences used in construction sites are divided into four categories: PVC fences, color steel fences, metal fences, and foam fences. Due to its simple and thin material, the color steel fence is generally suitable for road maintenance, and the construction period is about one month, so it is not suitable for long-term construction. Metal enclosures and foam enclosures are generally suitable for construction sites with a construction period of three to five years due to their thicker surface. PVC enclosures are favored by most construction companies and construction sites due to their beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, good wind resistance, and long service life.

General Specifications and Setting Specifications of Guangzhou Fences

Let’s first briefly understand what fences are, and fences are Urban construction sites are surrounded by enclosures and shelters. Play a beautifying, neat and unifying role. Now basic urban construction, will be used. The height of the enclosure is generally more than 2 meters, and the common ones are 2 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters and 8 meters, or 12 meters higher, etc. The surface of the enclosure and the renderings and publicity pictures of the project are posted. Or for city public service advertisements.

1. There should be special plans and floor plans for the setting of movable enclosures in the construction organization design.

2. The movable fence shall not be used for soil retention and load bearing, and shall not rely on the fence for stacking or stacking.

3. The setting of movable enclosures should be neat and stable, and the location should not obstruct road traffic and pedestrians' passage as a principle. Except for the entrance and exit, it must be continuously closed to ensure that the construction site is isolated from the outside world.

4. Workers must receive safety education when entering the site. Operators must abide by the rules and regulations of the project department and obey orders.

5. At crossings that block the sight of pedestrians and vehicles, a hollow fence with an extension of no less than 6 meters should be set up at the crossing to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Moreover, for the dangerous deep foundation pit project, the earthwork project with serious dust, and the project with fixed enclosures, construction should be started after the movable enclosures are set up.

Preventive measures for the collapse of the construction site fence

A brief introduction to the prevention measures for the collapse of the construction site fence

1. The project department conscientiously collects and releases weather change data, especially for severe weather conditions such as typhoons and rainstorms, to release and inform them in a timely manner, so as to take more active and effective countermeasures.

2. Strengthen daily inspections on the road, repair, correct and reinforce the damaged or overturned enclosures in a timely manner, and resolutely reduce the possibility of construction enclosures collapsing and causing personal injury.

3. The density of rivets fixed by the fence bracket on the construction site, the outer side of the construction site fence increases the fixed density with the ground angle iron.

4. According to the requirements of the headquarters, increase the fixed support on the back of each piece of fence, add three square tubes for the back support of each piece of fence, and use triangle iron, square tube and roadside for the foot and back of the fence. The anti-collision guardrail column is welded into one and fixed.

5. A red reflective warning sign with an arrow indicating the direction is set between each two fences, which is conducive to driving safety at night. In addition, a speed limit of 30KM or 80CM in diameter is set above the fence every 500 meters. 'Slow' sign.

6. Change the original one hollow enclosure for every ten enclosures to one for every three enclosures to reduce wind resistance.

7. The project department strengthens the management of personnel on duty and mechanical vehicles. During the typhoon and rainstorm, the project department arranges special personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day. The duty room is set up in the project department office. The fixed telephone and the mobile phone of the emergency team members are turned on 24 hours a day. Do a good job in maintenance work to ensure that the police are easy to use.

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