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Steel structure processing quality control and other aspects

by:Lida Group     2022-02-21

Several aspects such as steel structure processing quality control

With the continuous development of my country's construction industry, the construction methods of construction projects are becoming more and more diverse. Structure is an important means. The application of steel structure in specific construction projects should grasp the processing and production of related components. Only by ensuring that the steel structure has the desired quality effect, can the subsequent steel structure buildings be better guaranteed. high quality. Based on this, it is extremely important to do a good job of management and control in the future steel structure processing process to ensure that the completed steel structure components reflect a strong quality effect, and should be highly concerned.

1 Key points of quality control of steel materials

It is more critical to first pay attention to the effective control of steel materials in the processing of steel structures Preconditions, in order to better improve the application effect of steel materials, it is necessary to strictly control the production requirements of specific steel structural components to ensure that they can reflect strong adaptability and matching degree. The review of the corresponding steel materials should be strictly checked in accordance with the 'Code for Acceptance of the Construction Quality of Steel Structure Engineeringmeet the relevant requirements.

On the one hand, the acceptance review of incoming steel materials needs to focus on the relevant explanatory materials of the steel materials, and the relevant materials of the manufacturer should be checked in detail to ensure that they have the ideal requirements. Production qualifications; for the relevant documentation of the steel material itself, it is necessary to focus on checking the production quality of the steel material, check whether the relevant test results meet the requirements, and also need to check in detail the basic instructions such as specific dimensions and grades.

On the other hand, direct inspection and analysis are also required for incoming steel materials to know whether the appearance of the steel materials meets the requirements of processing and production, and for the cross-sectional dimensions of the steel materials Carry out detailed proofreading to ensure that it can meet the requirements of the model. For specific steel materials, it is also necessary to carry out random inspection and re-inspection to understand its basic performance indicators, and to analyze the mechanical properties and chemical composition in detail, so as to ensure the reliable processing and application of steel materials to the greatest extent.

2 Key points of quality control in the assembly process

During the processing of steel structural components, the assembly process is the key link of the whole process. The assembly process is the overall forming process of steel components. First, you must be familiar with the drawings to understand the number of beams, columns and gas components, the relationship between each component and the detailed dimensions of each component, and distinguish similar components. All small parts on the component must be straightened for point installation, and the contact surfaces of all small parts must be pressed against the component to prevent deformation of the component. For plate parts with holes, first check the hole positions according to the drawings and then install them. All the friction surfaces of beam-column joints and oversized components must be shot blasted first and then spot mounted. Each plate fixed on one side must be spot welded on both sides, and each side must have at least two fixed points, and multilateral fixed should not be less than At three points, the height of the solder joint shall not be greater than 20mm, and the height shall be controlled within two-thirds of the actual joint height.

In the specific process of assembling, it is also necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the drawings, carry out a 1:1 operation according to the requirements of the drawings, and conduct careful proofreading during the operation to avoid possible occurrences. For obvious abnormal problems, timely proofreading for common deviation errors.

In the specific cutting or hole processing, the corresponding operations need to be more standardized and reliable, and it is better to carry out detailed supervision around the entire processing process to ensure that the construction operations are compared Accurate and reliable, it can form a relatively ideal processing effect, and try to avoid the obvious loss problem in processing. Of course, the control of machining accuracy also needs to be strictly checked to prevent the finished steel structural components from being ideally used in the follow-up.

3 Welding Quality Control Points

In the processing of steel structural components, welding operations are essential and also The more difficult part is that deviations are prone to occur in actual operation. Detailed supervision and control should be carried out around the specific welding process, and strive to maximize the welding quality effect. For example, a strict review of various materials used in the welding process is a relatively important content. It is necessary to grasp the detailed proofreading of the welding materials, do a good job in quality acceptance, and better improve its application benefits.

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