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The homogenization is serious, how can the prefabricated house enterprises live out themselves?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-24

The homogenization is serious, how can prefabricated house enterprises live out themselves? Since 2017, the State Council has designated May 10th every year as 'China Brand DayExpand its own brand influence, thereby enhancing the brand image of the entire country, and promoting Chinese brands to the world. With the development of the economy, consumers have put forward higher requirements for products and services. They pay attention to quality, brand, and various consumption methods, showing highly personalized characteristics, and these new phenomena are actually challenges to enterprises. .

Homogenization makes products convergent

In this context, homogenization, the old problem resurfaced. For the prefab industry, this is an obvious problem that cannot be solved overnight. The so-called 'homogenization' refers to the phenomenon that different brands of goods in the same category imitate each other in terms of performance, appearance and even marketing methods, and even gradually converge. The market competition behavior is called homogeneous competition. The problem of homogenization in the prefabricated house industry has a long history. Many consumers are 'silly and confused' about the products of major companies. Major companies are also throwing away their armor and armor in the homogenization competition, and they are at a loss. Some have been imitated, and some have yet to find their own way. It can be seen that telling the story of Chinese brands is not so simple.

Homogenization does more harm than good to consumers and businesses

Under such circumstances, what adverse effects will these homogenization phenomena bring to consumers and businesses?< /p>

From the perspective of consumers, most consumers are laymen. They do not know how to distinguish the situation of the company in the industry and the production process of the product itself, and they cannot tell the quality of the product from the appearance. The problem is that most of the time, their consumption relies on perceptual cognition. They feel that these products sound good, and the conditions are similar in all aspects. It doesn't matter which one they choose.

But at this juncture, a very important issue is highlighted. Many consumers will choose cheaper products because the products are 'similar'. Merchants are forced to wage a 'price war' and post attractive prices for customers, but such price competition is detrimental to both merchants and consumers. Consumers secretly rejoiced, thinking that the pie will fall out of the sky, but they do not know that the poor quality will bring endless troubles later. Some merchants refuse to lower their prices, thinking that their products are of good quality and should be worth the price, but they face the risk of losing their customer base. And Wei, with relatively low prices to attract consumers, trying to small profits but quick turnover, but when will this 'small profit' allow the company to go to the next level? This has to be a question.

Companies with strong strength can still stand in such competition and invest in the improvement of products and services with their remaining competitiveness and advantages, but they cannot give up the construction of brands and products. , the improvement of services, otherwise they will be overwhelmed by many 'rookies'. And those small and medium-sized enterprises that are still growing are facing a more dangerous situation. They are faced with 'price competition' during the growth period of the enterprise. They are forced to give up part of the funds used for product and service improvement and focus on 'quantity'. marketing. Such homogenization obviously affects the profits of enterprises. Over time, the entire industry will also struggle due to serious homogenization, resulting in insufficient innovation and insufficient quality improvement in the entire industry. In the long run, this kind of bad competition also affects the healthy development of the entire industry.

Use differentiation to resolve homogeneity

To solve the problem of homogeneity, it is an effective way to achieve product differentiation. Technology research and development and innovation is one of the paths. Enterprises can make more efforts in core technology and design, increase innovation, and produce products with core competitiveness in order to stand out in the industry. Secondly, in the many products of the enterprise, it is also necessary to achieve product differentiation to make the products more diversified. At the same time, different products must have different customer positioning, and produce and design products that meet their needs for the corresponding consumer groups, so as to achieve Precision Marketing.

In this internet age, many prefab houses will use the internet as a means of publicity. Many times, when consumers browse the prefab house website, in addition to paying attention to quality and style, they also care about whether the company is a time-honored brand, how well the company has a reputation in the industry, whether the company has won any awards, and what cultural concepts the company has. , All in all, they just want to see if the company can be trusted, so a beautiful corporate website will leave a good impression on consumers. If the website is so high, they will think that the company itself is not bad. In addition to online marketing, offline physical store marketing is equally important. The innovation of marketing methods is more often to provide personalized services for customers. It is not enough to introduce the product according to a set of procedures, but to really know what the customer wants, what problems he has to consider, and what customers need to think about. So think, on the basis of respecting him to make professional suggestions, you can also establish a good relationship with customers, so that he can bring more customers.

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