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The prefab house business seeks a way of transformation and actively develops the third and fourth markets

by:Lida Group     2022-01-20

There should be more keywords in China's prefabricated house industry in 2016. From product research and development to terminal services, professionals continue to propose various countermeasures; entrepreneurs are also They have sought the road of innovation and even transformation, in order to smoothly survive this ferocious 'financial cold current'. But as the so-called success is also small and what is defeated is also small, whether the self-help method is appropriate and the development path is correct, has become the key to whether the prefabricated house enterprise can win this battle for survival, and the indispensable part of this is the enterprise itself awareness of its market.

At the 2016 annual meeting of the Shanghai Building Materials Association's Prefab Housing Professional Committee, several experts and managers in the prefabricated house industry expressed their views on how prefab housing companies can work together to overcome difficulties under the financial crisis. With his own opinions, 'market research' has become the main label of this topic. Ye Kelin, director of the Timber Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, pointed out that 'I hope to develop new products after market segmentation.' Zhang Senlin, chairman of the China Forest Products Industry Association, said, 'The most terrible thing for Chinese wood prefabricated housing enterprises is that they do not systematically and deeply Research the market'. It can be seen that without investigation, there is no right to speak, not to mention the subsequent market segmentation and new product development, so how should Chinese prefabricated housing enterprises in 2009 pass market research to prevent touching the minefield?

Facing the post-80s generation and crossing the minefield of misunderstanding

As early as the end of last year, He Lina, secretary-general of the Shanghai Wedding Industry Association, once said that the wedding market will be prosperous in the next two to three years, and the newlyweds who hold weddings in 2016 will still be more prosperous. Expected to exceed 2008. Among them, the post-80s generation deserved to be the main force in the wedding market. Some experts said that from now until 2016, the main body of the market will be the post-80s generation. Moreover, regardless of whether these post-80s newcomers are preparing to renovate new houses or renovate old houses, the huge demand for interior decoration has hidden business opportunities for domestic prefab houses. Therefore, many prefab house companies have projected their targets on the post-80s generation, and a series of designs for this group have also been released.

Previously, in a consumer concern survey on the 'post-80sTherefore, some people concluded that 'the price does not determine the purchase of the post-80s generationHow is still debatable.

In response to the exaggerated alternative personalized prefab houses launched by some businesses, this weekend, the reporter conducted a field trip to some building materials stores. It was found that these designs that are enough to show off their individuality can indeed attract the favor of the post-80s generation, but many of them still prefer traditional styles when purchasing prefabricated houses. A pair of prospective newcomers who have just set foot in the society said: 'Because neither of us have much savings, so from the purchase of the house to the decoration, we can't do without referring to the opinions of our parents.' Mr. Zhang, who is waiting for his lover, said that he is usually busy with work, so even if he buys building materials, he will first look at the styles on the Internet. Ms. Shen, who has experience studying abroad, made it clear that although she likes the personalized decoration style, she does not want the prefab house style to be too outrageous. 'If I want to show my taste, I prefer to use my own creativity in details. show'.

It can be seen that if the merchants do not conduct on-the-spot investigations on the consumption concept of the post-80s generation when purchasing prefabricated houses, and only rely on a vague concept to characterize and formulate a research and development plan, they are very likely to step into a minefield. , it is even more difficult to seize the main force of consumption after the 80s.

Explore the third- and fourth-tier markets and cross the minefield of ideas

Various reports on 'home appliances to the countryside' have long been hyped, and the data of accumulative consumption of 920 billion yuan has also made More and more prefab house companies are considering going to the countryside to open up the market during the financial cold wave in 2009. Although the big cake in the countryside is attractive and delicious, and the income and living standards of farmers are also improving, the prefabricated housing enterprises do not conduct in-depth research on their consumer groups when developing this market, thinking that they can gain advantages by seizing the highlands, and it is also extremely beneficial. May step into a minefield.

First of all, the countryside is different from the cities and relatives and friends do not visit each other frequently. In the countryside, the villagers are familiar with each other, and they will come to visit if there is anything, which will cause a lot of people in the family. Therefore, farmers usually get up in the morning and open the door until they go to bed at night, and they will not lock it until they go to bed at night. Therefore, if ordinary prefab houses are used, it is easy to cause wear and tear. At the same time, because farmers often walk in the soil, it is impossible for most of them to take off their shoes and enter again when visiting, and it will be more troublesome to clean up. Therefore, if you want to convince the potential consumer groups in this market, you will inevitably encounter relatively large obstacles from concepts, customs and practicality.

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