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The prefab house enterprise will not have brand marketing?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-22

The prefabricated house enterprises do not have brand marketing yet? In recent years, large and small prefabricated house companies have been dividing up the egg-sized market. Some companies have been hovering on the edge of the market, and some companies have finally squeezed in When I went there, I was squeezed out by not being famous enough. In the end, there were very few companies that could eat cake. The brand is synonymous with the enterprise. If it is not properly publicized, promoted, and marketed, even if one is talented, there will be nowhere to show it. So how should companies conduct brand marketing? Try the following five strategies.

The first trick of brand marketing: create a category

Most people know that the first person to land on the moon was Armstrong, but few people will pay attention to the second and the first. Who were the three men who landed on the moon. 'First' is always the focus under the spotlight on the stage, and is deeply imprinted in people's minds. For those latecomers, most people have lost their curiosity and have little interest.

The same is true for the establishment of a brand. Most consumers will only remember the top brand in an industry or category, while for the second and third brands, consumers always remember vaguely. The first law of brand marketing is to 'create a category to become the first'. In order to establish a new brand, enterprises must break the original order and rules and create new categories to avoid fierce competition.

The second trick of brand marketing: borrowing a big tree

A joke about 'selling books' is popular on the Internet: a publisher has a batch of unsalable books that cannot be sold for a long time. , sent a copy to the president, and asked the president for his opinion again and again. The president, who was busy with government affairs, had no time to entangle with him, so he replied casually: 'This book is good!' Now there are books that Mr. President likes for sale.' As a result, these slow-selling books were soon sold out.

Books are associated with the president, and they become bestsellers through the endorsement of the president. Soon the publisher couldn't sell another book, and he gave the president another copy. When the president was fooled, he wanted to ridicule him, so he said, 'This book sucks!' The publisher was overjoyed when he heard it, and he advertised: 'Now there are books that the president hates for sale.' As a result, many people published Out of curiosity, the book went out of stock. The third time the publisher gave the book to the president, the president took the lessons of the first two and was noncommittal. Publishers advertised: 'Existing president's inconclusive book for sale!' And yet another big profit.

'It's good to enjoy the shade with your back against a big tree.' This passage makes us understand that it doesn’t really matter what kind of books are sold, but the key is that the book has a relationship with the president, and through the president’s endorsement, it becomes a bestseller. The same is true for brand marketing. If a company can rely on a big tree and take advantage of external forces, it will naturally save a lot of effort in brand construction. The so-called 'big tree' is the cognition that has been formed in the consumer's mental model. The way to improve one's own brand by taking advantage of the consumer's cognition is the strategy of 'relying on the big tree'.

The third trick of brand marketing: occupy an area

In the kingdom of commerce, the same is true for brand marketing and structure. Be king and lay the foundation for ripple expansion. Enterprises that occupy an area for brand marketing and law construction can have two advantages.

First, build emotional connections with people in the area. People generally have a deep emotional connection and regional pride in the region they live in, so they often choose local brands.

Second, to attract consumers from other regions. Deeply excavating the regional culture and making the brand into a regional feature can form a regional potential and attract consumers from other regions.

The fourth trick of brand marketing: establish a standard

Make your brand quickly accepted by consumers through the formulation of standards. The formulation of standards is to differentiate one's own brand from its competitors. Once the established standards are recognized by consumers, it will have a huge effect.

Consumers will recognize this standard when purchasing a product, and will pay to meet this standard, while also abandoning competitor brands because competitors do not meet the standard. The formulation of standards needs to be differentiated and become a unique competitiveness of enterprises. A standard that can be quickly imitated is unsustainable. Although it can bring sales to the company in the short term, it is impossible to put such a 'standard' on the brand.

The fifth trick of brand marketing: attract a group of people

The brand positioning of the enterprise needs to have a consumer positioning, a distinct consumer positioning, which can quickly establish the relationship between consumers and the brand. Therefore, the company's brand can also be quickly accepted by the targeted consumer groups.

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