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The rise of emerging forces in the prefabricated housing industry increases the competition of enterprises

by:Lida Group     2022-01-22

Since the development of the prefabricated house industry, the industry is relatively mature, but it is such a mature stage that the industry has lost its original vitality and innovation. In recent years, the development of the industry has not been very good, the product innovation in the market has been insufficient, and the new generation of consumers have suffered from aesthetic fatigue of products, and gradually began to lose certain confidence in existing enterprises. This has made the original bad sales worse, but in such an environment, the power of the new force of the prefabricated house enterprises is growing inconceivably. The new generation of power in the industry is on the rise. The new power in the industry is on the rise. Although the new enterprises are not as good as the previous generation in terms of market space, number of consumers and resources, the new generation of enterprises also have their own competitive advantages. The new generation of enterprises entered the industry at the beginning of the formation of emerging markets. The entry threshold is higher than that at the beginning of the industry. The degree of professionalism in manufacturing, the emphasis on high-tech talents, and the insight into the market are naturally higher than those of enterprises that follow traditional rules. To be better. Because the business philosophy is more influenced by new ideas, the new generation of enterprises can better integrate into the new market. The advantages of enterprises in management In addition, most of the managers of enterprises are young post-70s and 80s. They understand the shopping needs and mentality of young consumers better, and have a better grasp of personalization than the previous generation of managers. . Therefore, even at the current stage, due to the fact that the establishment time is still short and the wings are not yet full, it is not enough to compete with the previous generation of enterprises, but with the advantages that the previous generation cannot reach, it will definitely be able to take up half of the market. However, such a fierce stamina of an enterprise will naturally have a great impact on the previous generation of enterprises. Especially for enterprises that rely on monopolistic competition, the rise of the younger generation will inevitably shake their market hegemony status, or even replace their original status. Market renewal is an inevitable law Market renewal is also an inevitable law of the market process. It does not depend on human will. In addition, the original market has become saturated, and new markets need to be developed urgently. However, follow the traditional development model. It is obviously difficult for enterprises to adapt to the new market, and homogenization and OEM are still flooding the industry. If this continues, the industry will only stagnate and not move forward, so the industry itself needs new blood to change the original ills. With the rise of the new generation in the industry, in the future development, the positioning of existing market companies will inevitably be changed or shaken, which means that it is difficult for modern companies to gain market share through monopoly . Instead, companies will become leaders in the future development of the market, bringing new competition models and operating mechanisms to the entire industry.

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