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What are the two major dilemmas in the prefab industry?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-22

With the increasingly fierce competition in the prefabricated house industry, especially the low price competition is quite common, the entire industry is facing downward pressure on prices. On the one hand, there is the pressure of rising costs, and on the other hand, the price brings difficulties. And homogenization is like a water plant growing in the quagmire, leading the industry forward. The future trend of the prefabricated housing industry is like seeing flowers in the fog, which makes people unable to figure it out. 1. The problem of homogenization In fact, the homogenization of products in the industry is extremely serious, and many companies have no other choice but to compete at low prices. At present, if there is no prior notification, it is difficult to make a correct judgment on which brand the product comes from at a certain moment. Most of the products on the market are similar. All-in-one 'net red' design. The homogenization of products naturally accompanies some companies to start low-price competition strategies. The price strategy of a company is not that simple, and a price war does not mean low prices. From an economic point of view, the price elasticity of a product is determined by both supply and demand. When the price of a product falls, demand will naturally rise, which means that the price of a product is highly elastic. In layman's terms, it means that the price of the product will go up immediately, and the price will be valuable. Under normal circumstances, the industry likes to go down the price route, and most of them are mainly concentrated in small and medium-sized enterprises. For even the entire industry, rashly launching a price war, even if dealers want to buy it, it is still 'unknown' whether consumers will buy it. 2. Sufficient economic market Today's free and full competition (no oligarchs in the industry) market price is not determined by a certain enterprise, and both sides are 'game'. If you drop others, it will naturally drop, so the final demand has not changed, but the overall price of the industry will be lowered. For example, the wine industry is a highly competitive industry, and there should be an example of 'corkage fee'. 'Corkage fee' is simply a 'hidden bribe' for waiters. The attitude and enthusiasm are 'unusualThere are two types of price wars: low price and high price. Some companies use high price strategy to win, but when it comes to 'price warIn fact, companies in the industry, such as the broken capital chain and the quality problems of large batches of products, like to play low prices and obtain rapid growth in turnover at the expense of profits, which is tantamount to chronic suicide. When corporate profits decline, it is equivalent to a decrease in Ru0026D, technology, transformation, marketing, management and other fields, resulting in insufficient stamina for corporate development. Many people are talking about the integration of resources, cross-border thinking, etc. In fact, everything has a price, not a low price can solve the problem, all integration without profit is nonsense.

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