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Prefab house enterprises implement multi-brand strategy, three major phenomena plague development

by:Lida Group     2022-01-27

Under the fierce competition in the market, many prefab house companies have begun to try out multi-brand management strategies in order to gain more market share and profit space through different business directions. There are already many pioneers in the housing industry. Lack of differentiation in core value The brands of domestic companies have their own core values u200bu200band brand positioning on the surface, but in fact the core values u200bu200bof similar companies lack obvious differences. Such brands can temporarily occupy a certain position in the market. In the rapid economic development in China, the rationality of consumers in consumption is not a product. When the economy is developing steadily and the overall quality of consumers is improved, the requirements for brands will become higher and higher. If the demands are not on the same line, consumers will not have a strong desire to buy. When a brand is neglected by consumers, the brand will lose its sustainable momentum, and the core brand of the company will quickly decline. When the core brand has lost its foothold, Can other brands survive? Causes serious internal friction in marketing. If multiple brands can be implemented in an enterprise, it must be that the enterprise already has a product that performs well in the market and has a good future development momentum. Add another brand to meet the needs of different consumer groups, thereby increasing profits for the company. In actual operation, we will find that most of the main brand channel providers will also operate the company's sub-brands at the same time, and operate multiple brands of the company at the same time. It is also obvious that the operation team and resources of the channel dealer cannot allow multiple brands to keep pace with each other at the same time, and the marketing team also makes the brand of the company collide with each other because of the competition for channel resources, but the company's own brand. Fighting, hindering development, and benefiting competitors. Enterprises need to pay attention to resource allocation Marketing resources are always scarce resources in enterprises. If enterprises want to stand out in the fierce market competition, they need to invest in marketing resources that are proportional to the rate of return. At present, many enterprises lack reasonable planning in the allocation of marketing resources. There are too many aspects of humanization in the management, control and delivery of resources. The company's main brand has been formed, and the sub-brands are lacking in all aspects. Invest resources in sub-brands, and when the main brand is attacked by the market, it will transfer resources to protect the main brand. Enterprises should get rid of impetuousness, throw away flashiness, and solidly promote the construction and building of brand building brick by brick. A brand needs time accumulation, and perseverance is a constant belief; a brand needs value-added marketing, and accumulation is a constant pursuit; a brand needs the promotion of innovation, and a long-term foundation is also a brand’s dream; a brand needs management improvement, and the benefits of management are the The eternal theme of the enterprise is the strong backing for the sustainable development of the brand.

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