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The general environment is changing, whether the prefabricated house enterprises have reached the threshold of transformation

by:Lida Group     2022-01-20

In the era of the rapid rise of the Internet, consumers' thinking and behavior have been successfully transformed. If traditional companies try to use outdated business strategies for a long time to cope with the ever-changing market competition, it is tantamount to begging for fish. Therefore, the fierce competition in the commercial society will not tolerate any chance of luck, nor will it tolerate any 'destroyed people'. The eternal law of being out without changing has sent thousands of enterprises to the 'guillotine' again and again.

Since it is not feasible to use the old concept and the old system, we must seek a new way out. Transformation is born. As a result, discussions on various topics of transformation have been ongoing for a long time: whether to dig deep into the original product or to extend the product line, whether to cross over between industries or cross-border to other industries, whether to dig deep into the market or give up the original field and start again... …

For prefab enterprises, transformation is inevitable, but when to change, it is necessary to clarify the direction and goals. So in the current situation, which companies are in urgent need of transformation, and which companies can rely on the current model to 'eat' in the next 3-5 years? The author thinks that there are two factors that can be distinguished: First, the core competitiveness of enterprises is still No, the second is that the general environment of the industry has changed.

Is the core competitiveness of the enterprise still there?

An enterprise, the necessary weapon for 'walking the rivers and lakes' is the core competitiveness of the brand. If it fails, and the enterprise does not have this awareness, it is not far from the situation of doom. Throughout the ages, the enterprises that have a long history will only be those 'travelers' with their own unique competitiveness.

We know that Gree in the home appliance industry has an annual output value of hundreds of billions. As the industry leader, it has the core competitiveness of home appliance air conditioners, grasps the overall development of the industry, and occupies a high market share. , and the product quality is high, the popularity is high, and consumers buy it, so even in the next 5 years, it maintains the status quo development and can still eat well in the industry, because its core competitiveness is still firmly in its own hands, and the terminal channel Rich in resources, it can be said that the time and place are right and people are readily available.

At this time, if you are an unknown home appliance small business, and you want to get a share of the industry with well-established brands and terminal channels, you must ask yourself whether you have a certain segment. The core competitiveness in the field, and this core competitiveness is best that others do not have, and you just have it, otherwise it is still difficult to open the market gap with brute force or blood.

On the other hand, there are similar cases in the prefabricated housing industry, perhaps even more distinct and complex. In the past two years, the development of customization has been in full swing, with new concepts and new technologies, good service and perfect experience.

Has the general environment of the industry changed?

In addition to delving into its own factors, it is also an effective way to check whether the enterprise itself has reached the threshold of transformation from the changes in the industry environment. one. But has the general environment of the prefabricated house industry changed? The answer is yes and no.

We know that factories, stores and dealers make up the overall pattern of the prefabricated housing industry. They are the leaders and the dominated in the industry. This love triangle relationship has been Sweet entered the competition, 'the battle of the competition is filled with smoke'. Therefore, if you want to know whether the general environment of the prefabricated housing industry has changed, and what changes have occurred, you can see some clues from the changes in the roles of the 'three generals'.

From the perspective of terminal channels, although e-commerce and other 'windows' have swarmed up in recent years and successfully grabbed part of the consumer market, prefabricated houses are bulk commodities with consumer-resistant properties, which require To experience the performance and touch in person, and hardware and software facilities such as the security and logistics system based on online shopping still need to be strengthened and improved, most consumers will still choose offline physical stores to buy prefabricated houses. Therefore, the store is still the most important terminal sales channel in the prefabricated housing industry at present, which has not changed in 30 years.

Since the fact that the store is still the main terminal channel of the prefabricated housing industry has not changed, it is undoubtedly good news for most traditional prefabricated house companies that mainly focus on offline stores. Although 'having food to eat' is already very valuable in a sluggish market, enterprises are mainly profit-seeking groups. It is time to consider its own operating conditions in channels. A team of dealers with a business philosophy rather than relying too much on factories is undoubtedly one of the best weapons to occupy the market, and it is also a strong backing for the fear of consolidating the rear position. In addition, on the battlefield, the side in a critical position that is easy to defend and difficult to attack is often easy to win. Similarly, the business of a store in the center of a mainstream store is virtually better than other positions, because it is easier to stand in the most conspicuous position. Let people remember that when the brand value leaves traces in the dealer's heart, it is like a seed cultivated in the ground, and one day it will sprout and grow.

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